TARVA Consulting FZE


We develop chassis and chassis electronics for our clients on a one-stop shop basis High driving dynamics and reliable driving safety are the two characteristic properties of a chassis we can let our clients experience first-hand.

We have the expertise and infrastructure to assume responsibility for every development step from the idea to start of production:

  • Concept formulation
  • Simulation (MBS to HiL)
  • Design and algorithm development
Combustion Engine

Internal combustions engine will remain the chief source of propulsion for automobiles and light commercial vehicles for decades to come.

We are hard at work on reducing fuel consumption and emissions from these engines while harmonizing product costs, quality and other product attributes consumers find important. To do this, our developers are focusing on downsizing, improved combustion processes as well as variable valve and cranktrains – never losing sight of their suitability for application in mass production. We are also pushing new trends

Vehicle Electronics

Our specialists are in full command of all facets of vehicle electrics and electronics

We have consistently expanded our expertise in the field of vehicle electronics, specializing in the new high-voltage systems as well as prototype and low-volume development activities. But we are also experts in the broad field of body electronics: Our specialists can provide you with support at all stages and with all aspects of the “V Model” process, from specification and hardware/software development to testing. Alongside our proven simulation and


Using our expertise in the entire vehicle, we develop innovative hybrid systems ready for mass production on our clients’ behalf Developing modern hybrid concepts demands an integrated approach. Various disciplines need to be intermeshed and consistent interfaces created between departments, such as Powertrain, Chassis and Vehicle Development.

As one of the leading system integrators for hybrid vehicles, we possess comprehensive skills in all of the disciplines involved – across the whole development process.This means we can provide our clients with hybrid engineering services on a one-stop shop basis – whether as solutions for integrating into new or existing platforms or in the form of all-new developments for vehicles of the second hybrid generation.


Automatic Transmissions (AT)

Modern vehicle transmissions satisfy exacting demands on driving dynamics and ride comfort, and they reduce fuel consumption and emissions. We achieve these ambitious goals with our unique synthesis programs for new, optimized transmission structures, a perfected development process, efficient methods, the systematic use of simulation tools and a broad range of measuring and testing equipment.

• Algorithm and Software Development.

In developing software and algorithms for transmission control systems, we turn design and requirements specifications into production-ready reality.