TARVA Consulting FZE


Using our expertise in the entire vehicle, we develop innovative hybrid systems ready for mass production on our clients’ behalf Developing modern hybrid concepts demands an integrated approach. Various disciplines need to be intermeshed and consistent interfaces created between departments, such as Powertrain, Chassis and Vehicle Development.

As one of the leading system integrators for hybrid vehicles, we possess comprehensive skills in all of the disciplines involved – across the whole development process. This means we can provide our clients with hybrid engineering services on a one-stop shop basis – whether as solutions for integrating into new or existing platforms or in the form of all-new developments for vehicles of the second hybrid generation. Our involvement in regional and national research projects not least puts us in a position to provide our clients with solutions that are always on the cutting edge of R&D.

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with a powertrain that is far more complex than the ones found in conventional vehicles. Additional components, such as e-machine, power battery and a high-voltage vehicle electrical system, need to be integrated into the package and powertrain both geometrically and electrically. Given our many years of experience with OEMs in the field of powertrain integration, we can provide the optimum solution for integrating hybrid powertrains.

Using efficient CAD tools and product-data management systems, we produce three-dimensional digital concepts of the modules that need to be integrated. Proceeding from these digital mock-ups (DMU), we can determine where components collide with package boundaries and find appropriate module variants. Installing the wiring harnesses of the high-voltage vehicle electrical system includes taking account of the large bending radii and providing protection in the event of collision. If necessary, we design appropriate guide rails and metal impact guards. We also configure any separate cooling circuits that may be required for the electrical components.

Electrical integration involves meeting exacting demands on high-voltage safety. We develop the relevant wiring concepts and configure the interfaces to the vehicle’s low-voltage electrical system as well as for diagnosis (OBD, garage diagnostics). Our simulation and design tools allow us to determine where fields of electromagnetic interference occur and develop shielding measures early on in the process. By simulating current flows and fields of high-voltage lines as well as routing cables accordingly, we ensure the individual’s safety in terms of EMC.

Our expertise covers the entire integration process:

  • Analysis and definition of package requirements
  • Concept studies
  • Package analysis
  • Powertrain integration
  • Integration of the e-machine
  • Integration of the power battery
  • Integration of the vehicle’s high-voltage electrical system
  • Integration of air-conditioning for e-motor and power battery
  • Adherence to assembly and installation specifications
  • Coordination between supplier and OEM