TARVA Consulting FZE

Vehicle Electronics

Our specialists are in full command of all facets of vehicle electrics and electronics
We have consistently expanded our expertise in the field of vehicle electronics, specializing in the new high-voltage systems as well as prototype and low-volume development activities. But we are also experts in the broad field of body electronics: Our specialists can provide you with support at all stages and with all aspects of the “V Model” process, from specification and hardware/software development to testing. Alongside our proven simulation and development expertise, we can also offer you cutting-edge, in-house testing facilities for projects in the light and vision department.

Driver-assist systems now interact more closely with route planners
The focus today is on evaluating different vehicle-environment sensors – with radar, lidar, ultrasonic and video cameras delivering more and more stereo signals. The future is about continuing to enhance the functions of these electronic assistants while further cutting the cost, energy consumption, size and weight of vehicle-environment sensors. And together with predictive route planning, driver-assist systems will make a major contribution to further reducing the energy vehicles use.

We make driving even safer - with connected electronic systems for the protection of occupants and pedestrians

Electronic systems save lives in road traffic: In the event of a collision, airbags or belt tensioners respond in fractions of a second, often preventing severe or fatal injuries. These “passive” systems are also making greater use of the driving-environment sensors provided in driver assist systems – a combination of radar and video camera in the windshield, for example, can see that a collision is unavoidable and precondition the passive systems. This being so, the safety electronics can tension the seat belt and optimize headrest and seat in good time.